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Welcome to Vine Healthcare!

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"A partnership in health from the roots to the branches"

Who we are (Our Mission):

Vine Healthcare, LLC offers personalized, comprehensive, medical care geared at restoring and maximizing optimal health by utilizing the Functional and Integrative Medicine model.

What is Functional Medicine?

What we do:

  • We perform an extremely detailed analysis of your health history from the prenatal period (if known) to the present day, focusing on significant diet, lifestyle, or environmental factors as well as genetics which have affected your health. This includes analysis of the effects of stress, physical trauma, family history, industrial toxins, infections, and food/medication intake. A thorough physical examination will be performed to gather additional important information.
  • We design a personalized healthcare program structured to restore you to optimum health which includes:
    • Nutrition planning.
    • Detoxification and elimination of infection or abnormal overgrowth of microorganisms.
    • Measures to heal the digestive tract to aid absorption of vital co-factors and nutrients needed for
      normal metabolism.
    • Cooling off inflammation (often insidious and hidden) in the body.
    • Providing vital supplements necessary for healing and proper bodily function.
    • Restoration of hormonal balance and function, normal brain chemistry, and intracellular
      biochemical processes.
    • Stress management and relaxation using breathing techniques, music, and prayer.
    • Patient education to help you improve and maintain your health.

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"Dr. Antoine, I can't tell you what a tremendous blessing you have been in my life during this very difficult time with my health..." - T.H. ...Read more!

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We carry the following product brands:

Thorne Research
Nordic Naturals
Klaire Labs
Ortho Molecular
Ambre Blends
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Serving: Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville, Fishers, Zionsville, Westfield, Kokomo, and surrounding areas