Lauren Boscaini

Physical Therapist

Hi there, my name is Lauren Boscaini and I am a Physical Therapist here at Vine. I am very excited to have joined Vine Healthcare for its unique treatments and holistic approach.

Jody Heeter

Licensed Massage Therapist

Jody Heeter received my Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana and studied Massage Therapy from a wonderful Licensed Massage Therapist at Kaplan College, Indianapolis, Indiana. She also has continued education in Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and other modalities.

Natalie Dereka

Physical Therapist

Hi there! My name is Natalie Dereka and I am a Physical Therapist who specializes in Pelvic Health. I received my Exercise Science degree at Indiana University

Katie Wells

Office Assistant

My name is Katie and I work behind the scenes as the office assistant at Vine Healthcare®. I own a small business, A Simple Natural Life, and sell all-natural, homemade body care products.